Dancing in the moonlight

4:12 PM Nadine 16 Comments

 coat - Mango, boots - bullboxer, tights - Asos


  1. Hübsch hübsch!
    Du hast ein tolles lächeln :)

  2. Can you give me a hint, please, how to find exactly the same tights on Asos?
    I'm tired of tights that appear to be very shiny and glossy in real life, thought they are not shiny at all while they're in a box. It's a big disappointment :(.
    But yours look very nice (they don't shine, do they?), like the whole outfit :).

  3. Schöne Schaukelübung, farblich und stylistisch volle 10 Punkte. Schade das wir den Abgang nicht sehen können!